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Dear clients!

We are grateful for showing interest in our products.
Factory of Electrical Equipment «ENCO», which is part of a group of manufacturing companies "ENCO", known as Russian manufacturer of high-voltage and low-voltage "dry" transformers 6 kV, 10 kV, spare parts for power oil-immersed transformers capacity from 20 to 1000 kVA (TM, TMG, TMZH, TMPN), magnet wire APB designed for winding of oil-immersed transformers.
The group of companies «ENCO» involves another production company – Plant of metal-awning designs. This company is a manufacturer of drilling shelters, tent shelters in the form of kits (canopy of prefabricated walls, ends and roofs) with the fittings for mounting and various kinds of metal-collapsible tent structures.

At December 2008 at Limited Liability Corporation “Factory of Electrical Equipment “ENСO” has been implementing quality management system that meets the requirements of the international standard ISO9001: 2001 (ISO 9001: 2000). This system applies to the production of transformers types TSKS, TS, TSZ, spare parts for power oil-immersed transformers, winding wires, check out transformers, repair of transformers.

Since February 2009 Factory of Electrical Equipment “ENСO” is a service center of Minsk Electrotechnical Plant named after V.I. Kozlov by maintenance and repair of transformers, supporting the factory manufacturer's warranty - 5 years. Our strategy is to supply the market with the best electrical products that meet and exceed the expectations of customers and consumers in quality, price, delivery and service provisioning. The principles of work performance in our team is the desire for more convenient terms of delivery, payment, and the establishment of individual discounts, which is highly appreciated by our clients and partners. In the nearest future the factory plans the following improvements:
- The introduction of modern technologies;
- Increase the range of a number of products;
- Reducing material and labor costs for the production of transformers;
- Expansion of production capacity and space;
- Improving environmental safety.
Company's products are in great demand in Russian enterprises and foreign enterprises. Choosing the most optimal combination of price and quality of transformers, customers stop on the product of our factory. If you are interested, please send a request specifying the quantity, sizes and power of products you are interested.

Best regards,
Director of the Limited Liability Corporation “Factory of Electrical Equipment “ENСO”
Aleksandrov Konstantin Borisovich