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Factory of electrical
equipment "ENCO"

The factory was created to provide maintenance shed and section with spare parts for repair power high-voltage equipment.

Today we are not only manufacturer of spare parts; we produce equipment, which can completely satisfy high demands of consumers.

Modern manufacturing base, unique technology, high level of functional development, large manufacturing experience, stable team allows factory to successfully compete on contemporary market of electrical products.

The main directions in the development of power transformers, which determines their technical level, are the use of new functional and technological solutions, modern materials, reliable components, best practices. This provided significant reductions in no-load losses, a significant increase withstand windings at short-circuit, improved weight and size characteristics, reducing installation and operating costs.



Electrical Laboratory

High-voltage testing laboratory registered in the Office of Technological and Environmental Supervision RTN in Udmurt Republic. We have everything you need to achieve your desired result.


Each of our product is certificated

Our products are certified and has a resolution of RF State Technical Surveillance for serial manufacture and using.

We have everything you need to achieve your desired result. Many years of experience in conjunction with highly skilled personnel of the factory promotes maximum quality of our products and services and their respective technical regulations and standards.