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Electrical Laboratory

High-voltage testing laboratory registered in the Office of Technological and Environmental Supervision RTN in Udmurt Republic. We have everything you need to achieve your desired result.

Factory of Electrical Equipment “ENCO” offers services of Electrical Laboratory (certificate of registration laboratory 839 25/04/12)

What are electric measurements?

Electric measurements conducted in order to verify compliance with the parameters of the electrical network project and established norms.
Electricity system involves many kinds of electrical equipment when electricity delivery to consumers (cable, wire, terminal boxes, power panels, circuit breakers, residual current circuit breaker, counters, sockets, switches).

Measurements are divided into following groups:

  • Acceptance testing is executed after all electrical installation works. Technical Report prepares according to the tests and included in package of documentation, which required for operation of electrical systems.

  • Periodic measurements of insulation resistance, grounding devices and etc. It’s dictated by the requirements of inspecting regulatory authorities (State Power Supply Inspectorate, Fire code enforcement agency, Health Inspection Services). The interval between periodic measurements is determined by the characteristics of the installation, the conditions of its operation and regulatory requirements.

  • Preventive electric measurements is executed for the detection of electrical equipment which are defective or don’t in accordance with the rules and regulations for Electrical Installation. This is executed in order to prevent accidents, ignition lead wire.

The results of electrical measurements write in the protocol.Protocols combined in theTechnical Report.

Kinds of conducted tests and measurements:

  1. Testing electrical equipment of substations with voltage up to 20 kV;
  2. Testing electric machines all voltages with capacity of 300 kW and above;
  3. Testing of cables with voltage up to 10 kV;
  4. Testing of electrical equipment with voltage up to 1 kV;
  5. Measure the resistance of grounding devices;
  6. Measurement of electrical resistance of the metallic bond with a grounding device;
  7. Measurement of loop resistance "phase-zero" (short circuit);
  8. Measurement of insulation resistance of electrical installations up to 1000V;
  9. Testing of transformer oil;
  10. Testing of protective equipment;
  11. Setting up and testing of relay protection and automation elements in electrical with voltage up to 1000V.

Electrical Laboratory “Factory of Electrical Equipment “ENCO” has all the necessary permits for listed above works. Our employees are professional experts in their field, they have extensive practical experience. This allows us to perform work of any complexity and to find an individual approach for any object.

Electrical system requires continual attention:

  • The cable (wire) requires a visual inspection, measurement of insulation resistance;

  • The circuit breaker is on guard of primarily cable (wire) from excessive overload of work and requires attention from the electrical laboratory, it insists on measuring circuit "phase-zero", the test of circuit breaker trips;

  • Junction boxes hide from us the place of branching cable (wire) to the electrical load and place of transition of electricity from one cable to another. In the junction boxes are squeezing that dock cable (wire) with each other. These places require preventive inspection . It is strictly forbidden to connect the cable wires by twists;

  • Measurement of grounding reveals electrical equipment, which aren’t grounded because of various reasons ( for example, weak contact clutching in outlet, lamp, terminal boxes, or other electrical equipment.

  • Sockets, switches and lamps, or another electrical equipment, which included in the energy system, require careful attention from consumers of electricity, because in places where cable (wire) connected with this equipment screws of gripping are weakening and the joints heat, that may be a cause of fire;

  • Measurement of insulating resistance reveals the suitability of the cable (wire) for further use. And if the cable (wire) "tired" of the ruthless exploitation or it have a broken insulation, its urgent need to dismantle and to lay a new;

  • Measurement of circuit "phase-zero" and testing of circuit breakers by load to determine the efficiency of protection of your power system;

Order of interaction with Electrical Laboratory:

  1. Leave a request for electrical measurements by means of the phone or e-mail.
  2. We’ll calculate the cost of the work. The amount depends on the number of lines, electrical outlets, the destination of object, area, etc.
  3. We draw up a contract and discuss with the customer time of work delivery.
  4. Engineer goes to the object for electrical measurements.
  5. We make reporting documentation about object and give it to the customer.

We are ready to consider all your proposals for cooperation. Contact us by means of phone :
+7(3412) 466-113, 463-160 Karadeykina Anna

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Electrical Laboratory “Factory of Electrical Equipment “ENCO” is reliable assistant in measurement and testing of your electrical equipment.
It’s profitable and enjoyable to work with us!